Daisy’s Dream is my second commissioned story and was given the permission to share this with you.

The commission was a story for two little girls aged 4 and 5 with the key feature being a unicorn.  Having recently completed Pirates Cove it seemed a natural progression to set the story immediately after their trip to Llyn Peninsula in Wales.  The stories are based on real-life adventures of Molly Pumpkin and Daisy May so I wanted to create a place were unicorns could be real.

Daisy’s Dream was a great opportunity to do this.  It flowed nicely from the dogs being tired from their day out at Pirates Cove.  The images of the two unicorns were found on www.freepik.com which is a great site for finding free for commercial use images.



The story introduces another character into the series that will be popping in now and again in future episodes.


Bailey is a mix of Molly and Daisy’s character.  Molly is easily scared and jumps at every noise.  I wanted Bailey to show this side of her character in a cute way.  Daisy can be very brave but she is shadowed by Molly who thinks she is the boss not only of Daisy but of me too!