Activity Story Book series

The joy of reading and following the adventures found inside of books helps to develop a childs imagination and curiosity.  They are introduced to places, words and pictures that they may only experience through a book.

The love of reading builds intellectual confidence and boosts your power.

Reading makes you smarter!


The Adventures of Molly Pumpkin & Daisy May

The stories follows the adventures of Molly Pumpkin and Daisy May (two little Shih Tzu dogs) and their 6 years old owner Annie.

Their adventures take them to different places as they explore their world together.

Each book introduces new words and activities through the telling of their adventures.

I Spy

Molly Pumpkin and Daisy May play a game of I spy.  The stories follows their game and introduces young children to new words.


Learning through sound, image and colouring

In the Adventure and I Spy tracing series children learn to identify a word through sound, image, and tracing.

Sound – through reading the story together ‘Excitedly Daisy turned around in a circle shouting to Molly, ‘Molly come and see the tiny fish

Image – the colouring  of  images on the page

Tracing – learning to write the word (Adventures) or the letter (I Spy)

All three actions improve children’s ability to read, and write.


Colouring worksheets develop hand and eye coordination, and improves children’s handwriting skills.  Their confidence  grows and they achieve a sense of accomplishment.  Colouring helps children to recognise boundaries, shapes, colour, hue and patterns.
Absolute loved this book! As well as being a great story its educational and fun.

I have bought a few for Christmas. It’s great that the kids are looking forward to the new adventures of Molly and Daisy Wendy Majhen

Fantastic book! I bought it for a friends daughter.

She loves to colour in and followed the dogs ‘I Spy’ game at home with her Christmas decorations.

It’s a great way for her to learn how to start to write letters. More please…..! Ana Daniel

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